Haystacks: A Collection of Favorite Songs (2008​-​2016)

by Giants & Pilgrims / Tim Coons

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Today I turn 38 (this album's release date). When reflecting on life this week I realized something:

Over the past 8 years I’ve released 8 albums.

Before that, when I turned 30 I had crisis of profession. I wasn’t sure if being a musician/singer-songwriter was going to be good for my family. Our first baby was on the way and I had always treated this part of my life as a hobby. I wrote songs and shared them locally but I never went beyond our pocket of friends with any intention. Yet I had this strong pull that I needed to be giving room for more of this in my life.

Then I had a transformative conversation with a friend.

He let me know, “Tim, this is the year of the baby. You’re going to have your first child. And then you’re going to let this other child known as your ‘creative career’ out of the closet you’ve had it locked up in.”

Really, someone’s respected opinion that I could DO IT was all I needed.

I created a website. I shared my music online. I played shows and gathered emails. I went on my first tour (to Kansas! because it was home!) It was a turning point for me where I stopped talking about what I wanted to do as singer/songwriter and started actually doing it.

Collected here are songs that are favorites of mine and the people who listen in. In the fields of everything I’ve released these are moments that rise a little bit higher in their season. Hence the name, Haystacks.


released October 6, 2016

The Great Collective of Creatives:

Mixing and Mastering:
Dave Ferrell, David Wilton, Ben Pasley

Mike Morrell- Trinity
Renee Swick- additional lyrics on Good Days
David Wilton- additional lyrics on Shimmer No Waves

Luke Leasure- drums
Dave Ferrall- double-bass
Renee Swick- piano, clarinet, voice
Lindsay Gibbs-vocals
Tim Coons -vocals, guitars, etc
David Wilton -electric guitars, organ, bass, etc
Eric Riley -drums
Tim Velliux -electric guitar
Mary Claxton- vocals, keyboard, drums
Brian Claxton- drums, marimba
Graham Bylsma- electric guitar
Braun Khan- Double Bass
Craig Basarich- trumpet
Melanie Haskins- violin
Hayden Farr- barritone saxophone
Rob Myers- mandolin, accordion, etc
Craig Basarich- trumpet
Tifah Phillips- piano, keys

The Giants & Pilgrims Gospel Tears Choir:
Wes Bruce, Mary Beth Garcia, Eric Long, Amy Long, Emily Nelson, Jed Murphy, Ariel Cobble, Matthew Davis, Sigorney Moore, Rob Myers



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Giants & Pilgrims Denver, Colorado

Tim Coons’ indie-folk music is filled with eclectic, singer-songwriter anthems on home, love, and struggle. His songwriting features a wide assortment of instruments and arrangements. Giants & Pilgrims is a marriage of art and music.

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