Bellwether: Dark Fields

by Giants & Pilgrims

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Our new album, Bellwether, will be released in 3 movements over the year: Cathedrals, Dark Fields and Tables.

Available here only on Bandcamp is movement two, Dark Fields.

Release of all three movements together happens December 2017. It will then be available as a physical CD and housed on iTunes, spotify, etc. called Bellwether.


released July 15, 2017

Charla Bultman- piano, vox
Brian Claxton- drums
Jon Leverkhun- bass
Hayden Farr- saxophone
Tim Coons- acoustic guitar, vox, organ, electric guitar
Sigorney Moore- harp
Melanie Haskins- violin
Aaron Adamson- banjo, mandolin, harmonica

Produced by Tim Coons & David Wilton
Mixed & Mastered at Coalesce Studios by David Wilton



all rights reserved


Giants & Pilgrims Denver, Colorado

Tim Coons’ indie-folk music is filled with eclectic, singer-songwriter anthems on home, love, and struggle. His songwriting features a wide assortment of instruments and arrangements. Giants & Pilgrims is a marriage of art and music.

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Track Name: Melchizedek
I met a man named Melchizedek
He was a good man, a good man
Wandering lonely in the desert, he invited me to stay
Said I would learn to love the space

I knew a woman her name was Jezebel
She was a wild one, a wild one
She said come out and we can have fun
And then she wanted me to go
She couldn’t stand getting too close

And I’m curious who I’ll meet next
who among them I will love best
Well that depends upon the context
Doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

I knew a girl, her name was Mary
She was a sweet child
Her heart was broke and seen for miles wide, miles wide
Like the moon over the world

I met a man from Golgotha,
He was a giving man, a giving man
He promised he would break my every damn
In every way I use the word
The wall, the water, and the world

And I’m curious who I’ll meet next
who among them I will love best
Well that depends upon the context
Doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?
Track Name: First Kiss
Give me my first kiss
crowded and fenced in a garden
ribs hurting fast, without pardon
so innocent
like the first time, like the first lines
“let there be light, let there be light”

Give me the betrayer’s kiss
broken bread torn for the friendship
a contract that’s sealed with the quick whip
You know I won’t go
Tested and true, busted and used
It’s all for you, It’s all for you, I’m all for you

Give me the aged kiss
rattled and holding my last breath
waiting for walls to be shaken
and oceans so still
pulled through the years, tangled in fears
and still you’re here, and still you’re here
still you’re here.
Track Name: David and I
If I keep it honest, David, will you play with me?
I will smile within the pictures and then let the music breathe
We’ll let laughing in the lyrics, setting prose in all it’s pain
Leaving distance from the cynics, we will keep them all at bay

And we’ll sing through the noise
Joy, joy, joy

I am dressed for the occasion, I am in my Sunday best
I’m worried through my altercations you’ve forgotten the address
David, keep on playing, he is bound to show sometime
And take on all of the problems, like he turns mud into sight


I am trying to remember how I came into this place
I know the affirmations brought their promises of fame
Could my love for spotlight bring your greater love for grace?
And when all the show’s all over, you’re the reason why I stayed


David, was the audience always on your mind?
Were you looking for connection? Was it hard to find?
I am dressed for the occasion, I am in my Sunday best
I will play my heart out and forget about the rest
Track Name: Dark Fields
I don’t mind the anger. I understand the grief
You can get a little fiercer if it’s attention that you seek
so when there’s thunder on the mountain, I’ll give glory where it lands
I’ll lavish the abiding, but it’s silence I can’t stand

The imprint of the maker is built within the blood
the hope of full redemption is felt in every flood
I brought you to the river; we baptized every step
I lost you in the current, but you haven’t left me yet

You got me hurting, you got me worrying
like a long-distance lover’s fight
You got me aching, you got me waiting
O I’m wide awake at night

I don’t want your religion. I don’t want the pages thin
I don't’ want the distant message that changes every spin
I just want a word resounding, pressed into the flesh
a presence for the children; a lift after the ledge

You got wishing, you’ve got me sitting
in dark fields without a light
You’ve got me walking, please keep on talking
O I’m wide awake at night

O like water wasted (running through the distance you could run on)
O like too much tasted (running through the distance you could run on)
O come I’m waiting. O waiting

You’ve got me trembling, on the edge of singing
so close that I could bite
You’ve got me wandering, you’ve got me watching
O I’m wide awake tonight